Introducing the next generation of 3D printers

Making 3D printers smarter, faster & more precise!

Smarter, Faster &
more Precise

We love 3D printing and asked over 200 creators about their 3D printing experience. Their response was: the high failure rate, terribly long building time, and low build quality frustrates us!

That's why we want to make 3D printers smarter, faster & more precise! We will do this by replacing outdated stepper motors and belts with state-of-art technology. The new generations of motors that will be used in MagLev3D, are based on linear motors with constant feedback control. Indeed, the same technology that is used by MagLev trains. MagLev3D will be able to:

Coming Up Soon: MagLev3D

The first 3D printer operating with linear motors for smoother and more accurate printed objects


Precise positioning of the printer head with position and extrusion feedback ensures high build quality

Quadruple extruders

4 partly independent extruders can print with 4 different plastics, 4 different parts at once or 1 object up to 4x faster


A professional, high performance 3D printer for an affordable cost

High Speed

Printer head can travel at an incredible speed of +500mm/s, rapidly creating awesomeness

Huge build volume

Create large objects up to 81x27x81 cm in size inside an enclosed build chamber

Few mechanical parts

It is safe and easy to maintain

Making a step towards a better world

Owl Tech

We believe that we, humans, are inventive and want to build and share our creations. Therefore our mission is to advance the field of rapid manufacturing by developing a 3D printer that will offer the high reliability, low power consumption, high precision and high speed . In order to achieve our mission Owl Tech had joined the ESA-BIC Noordwijk business incubation program. With the help of European Space Agency experts Owl Tech will soon deliver truly revolutionary 3D printer.


We are working in extensive collaborations with academia and the European Space Agency to develop a new kind of 3D printer. Our control and position engineers are enthusiastically working with state of art technology to advance the field of rapid prototyping.

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